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In 2018 we played around with our first product samples, bespoke hair pieces our wig guru co-founder César made by hand in his studio, and hair jewelry he and fellow founder Caroline stayed up waaay too late hand-beading one night.

Collaborating with a diverse team of fellow artists and creatives has been, hands down, one of the most rewarding parts of bringing Wildform to life. From the stylists, photographers, models, and caterers (usually a member of Caroline’s family—her sister runs a restaurant and her mom makes the best snacks), we’ve been blessed to work with a wildly talented team.

We got nostalgic and pulled behind-the-scenes footage from three of our shoots and asked Caroline to give us the vibe. 

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“Our friend Aana is like a muse for us: She’s a one-stop-shop of creativity. It made sense that our first-ever shoot would star her, be styled by her, and be photographed by her. Seriously, she does it all.”

ON LOCATION: The roof of César’s apartment in downtown LA.

SOUNDTRACK: Low-key dance and house tunes. The vibe was very chill.

SNACKS: Classic road trip stuff (chips, granola bars, etc.) and Thai takeout for dinner.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Aana and her partner Max Zab

STYLISTS: Aana and César


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“The wind that day was wild. We wanted to capture the wigs in nature, and when you bring the elements in you have to embrace the fact that everything goes.”

ON LOCATION: Brighton Beach, NY

SOUNDTRACK: It was a total scene. A bunch of concerned older women were telling the models to put bras on while their husbands were surreptitiously gawking.

SNACKS: Bowls and salads from Dimes.


STYLIST: Caroline De Sousa

MODELS: Elyanna Banes Sanchez (in the long blonde wig) and Bea (ponytail extensions)

MAKEUP ARTIST: Jessica Dedvukaj

HAIR STYLIST: Netty Jordan

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“We started making the jewelry by hand two to three days before the shoot and had a major push the night before. We were up til the wee hours of the morning finishing it all.”

ON LOCATION: César’s apartment in downtown LA.

SOUNDTRACK: A moody playlist that was putting everyone to sleep until the models requested Cardi B.

SNACKS: Brazilian-infused fare from Caroline’s mom. She makes the best pao de quejo.


STYLIST: Britt Layton

HAIR STYLISTS: César and Sarah Adams


MODELS: Aana, Nicole Chanel, and Korbyn

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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