New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and we are in full-on nostalgia mode for last year’s runway show with Marco Marco. Wildform supplied the wigs, and a transgender cast of models—a Fashion Week first—made history. 

The fashion industry has long had a narrow definition of beauty, so Marco Marco’s decision to send a full cast of transgender models down the runway for their S/S 2019 show last fall sent a powerful message of inclusion. Celebrating diversity and diminishing stigmas is central to our mission; naturally, we were beyond thrilled to create the wigs for their show. 

Our team of stylists, led by Wildform co-founder César DeLeön Ramirêz, custom-built each wig by hand, a multi-day process that culminated in final day-of cuts and styling (Pro tip: Wig finishing should always be done on the head to flatter the face shape).

César and his team wanted the wigs to be as diverse as the models wearing them, a cast that included Dominique Jackson, Angelica Ross, Carmen Carrera, and GiGi Gorgeous.

“I wanted to build a fantasy by customizing each wig to create a futuristic version of each model’s personality,” César says of the process, which relied on colors from oVertone‘s dynamic line to bring bright pops of neon and swirls of ombré pastel to the hair for a retro-meets-future vibe.

Below are a few of our favorite backstage and runway moments from the show. Flashback with us.


Clockwise from top left: Carmen Carerra, Geena Rocero, and Angelica Ross.


“I wanted to take the collection’s whimsical 50’s vibe and push it past my comfort zone. I wanted the hair to have a life of its own with out overpowering the looks.” — César 

Clockwise from top left: GiGi Gorgeous, Claudia, and Dominique Jackson.


“Celebrating diversity, challenging stereotypes, and diminishing stigmas is the foundation on which we created Wildform. It’s what I’ve worked so hard for in my career and in my personal life, growing up Puerto Rican with a single mom and coming out at a young age. It’s beautiful to see where we stand in pop culture and fashion today.” — César

Clockwise from top left: A bevy of beauties backstage, Claudia showing off her looong pony, and Geena Rocero in the zone.

“To be a part of this epic moment in history brought me so much joy. I’m proud to support the many brilliant women I’ve seen grow over the years into activists, changing the world so it sees humanity as one beautiful being.” — César

Clockwise from top left: César styling Angelica Ross, and Claudia, after and before bangs.


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free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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