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If you let it, holding a rough hunk of amazonite in your hand can be like diving into a deep, clear pool of turquoise-blue water.

Clarifying and bracing, amazonite is like the river it was named for, a beautiful shock to the senses that can return you to the present moment if you jump in, say what the hell, and go with the flow.

But it’s a gentle tide. Amazonite wants to help you out and calm you down. It’s here to clear the cobwebs and de-fog the brain. A plunge in a cold pool, it wakes you up and puts things in perspective, sweetly reminding you to listen to both sides, practice compassion, and seek the truth.

Call it The Big Picture stone.

Amazonite also helps you listen to and get to know yourself. If connecting to your intuition is happening at dial-up speed, or if you’re like, “How do I meditate again? Is this thing on?” amazonite is a great internal tour guide. Use it to encourage self-knowing and to find a path in the spiritual forest that’s right for you.

For extra oomph and a confidence boost, channel the Amazon warrior-goddesses who carried amazonite into battle on their shields. But instead of vanquishing negativity with, say, a spear, use the crystal’s reputation for enabling loving communication (with yourself and others) as your weapon for defeating doubt or dispatching with energetic vampires.

Tuck a chunk of amazonite in your pocket, slide a polished stone under your pillow, or dream yourself into an aquamarine pool and let the waters take you.

Clarity and harmony are just ‘round the bend.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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