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The stone that wants you to open your heart and let out a sensual sigh of relief.

It’s a safe bet that even crystal novices have seen rose quartz before. Inviting and nonconfrontational, it’s a gateway drug to the world of minerals — the Pumpkin Spice Latte of crystals, if you will. But just because rose quartz is readily available as a cute heart in cheesy gift stores doesn’t mean its only purpose is to be pretty, pink, and a paperweight.

Rose quartz has been part of the action since the first toga parties. Legend has it that the goddess Aphrodite cut herself on a briar while running to her lover Adonis who’d been attacked by a god-boar (long story), and that their blood soaked into a chunk of quartz, turning it a blushing pink.

Given that origin story, rose quartz’s reputation as a love stone is unsurprising and not without merit; a heart-opener with powerful aphrodisiac qualities, rose quartz is currently in vogue as an intimate massage tool (a use the ancient Greeks undoubtedly beat us to) and has a firm but gentle way of encouraging the pursuit of pleasure.

Pleasure, of course, comes in many forms and doesn’t require a partner. Rose quartz helps you love yourself fully and release any toxic blocks that are keeping you stuck or in a pattern of negativity.

Just as healthy self love is the first step in being able to receive another’s admiration, the energy of unconditional love will help elevate your consciousness to a higher level.

Rose quartz guides you to tap into that big, universal Mother who’s always there to give you a hug.

As such, it’s a lovely stone to assist with pregnancy and fertility. A natural nurturer, rose quartz wants to rest on your belly and remind you to think calm, meditative thoughts.

A receptive and sensitive stone, rose quartz requires regular cleanings with running water (not too hot, not too cold) and doesn’t love being left in the sun. Use it in your meditation or grounding practice alongside selenite to amp up your spiritual growth or tune into it on its own when you when you’re craving some cosmic TLC.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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