crystal of the month: July 2019


One hot rock.

At the outset of spring we bathed nude in the gentle glow of selenite, a stone about as confrontational as a rose bud. Now it’s summerโ€”the hot, bright, and occasionally in-your-face season with its share of thorns (looking at you, chafed inner thighs).

Sunstone is the summer stone. Named after the sun because โ€” well, have you looked at it? โ€” this rock is as hot as it gets. Minerals in its makeup create an optical phenomenon known as aventurescence, a trippy effect that causes flashes of metallic glitter to jump off the stone’s surface and turn it into a disco ball.

In use for centuries as a conduit for the sun, sunstone is believed to have been favored by the Vikings as a nautical navigation guide and has been found in their burial mounds, a totem of good luck for the world beyond.

Another hot spot of origin: North American lava fields. Native peoples in present-day Oregon discovered rich deposits of the mineral, which they traded, prized, and may have also buried with their dead. Legend goes that the blood from a great warrior’s arrow wound colored the stone’s surface and steeped it in his power.

No doubt, it is a power stone. Sunstone helps you tune into your inner force field and enhance your leadership skills.

Ideal for sparking independence and getting your CEO on, sunstone is your life coach pumping you up and whispering enthusiastically in your ear, “Girl, you got this.”

Sunstone is an invitation to be open, kind, and energized. It’s about the joy that comes from nurturing and sharing your gifts; a true mood booster, sunstone is like a SAD lamp, a shot of sunshine great for combatting cloudy moods.

Even if you’re not a summer person, it’s hard to be mad at sunstone’s aggressively joyful personality. Ultimately, it just wants you to feel warm and good inside.

To reap its benefits, use sunstone in your meditation as a source of illumination. Ask for it to shine a light on issues you need to see more clearly.

For a fiery connection to your power center, place it on your belly and stoke your determination.

For a deeper connection to your intuition, scoot it down a few inches (keep going…keep going…there!), and focus on a clear flow of energy from your inner wisdom to your rational mind.

However you choose to use it, revel in the fact that its glow is safe enough to bask in without sunscreen.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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