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If turquoise went to high school, she’d paint murals, wear thrift stores jeans, and know all the best bands.

Alternative but totally accessible, turquoise is the friendly free spirit with all the yearbook superlatives: Most Boho, Best Hair, Coolest Style, Most Artistic, and ⁠— despite rose quartz’s earnest attempts ⁠— Most Popular. Widely beloved and undeniably cool, turquoise is the kind of stone you want to kick it with on the regular.

And so people have, for millennia.

King Tut took turquoise to the grave with him; his burial mask was richly inlaid with it, perhaps in deference to the goddess Hathor, who served as a symbolic mother to the pharaohs and was associated with the blue-green gemstone.

Across the Atlantic, the Aztecs used turquoise everywhere. It showed up in armbands and nose plugs, on the handles of sacrificial knives, and in intricately detailed mosaics that decorated ceremonial shields and statues.

It’s always been jewelry for pretty much ever. Throughout the Persian Empire people wore turquoise around their necks and wrists to protect against untimely deaths, and members of the Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache tribes wore it as amulets.

A purification stone, turquoise is used to protect against everything from pollutants to negative energy. But it doesn’t just clean, it fortifies:

Turquoise counters the effects of exhaustion, depression, and anxiety by helping those who use it ease into a balanced state of peace and serenity.

An earth-grounding stone, it serves as a tether during astral travel and prevents meditative wanderers from losing touch with their conscious mind. It’s also handy for travel in this realm, guarding against loss or theft of items protected by it.

Writers can use it to help overcome writer’s block; go-getters can use it to enhance their leadership potential; and day traders might want to keep a chunk on their desks to avoid unwise investments.

It’s versatile and user-friendly, making how you use it ⁠— in a bath, on your chakras, in a spell ⁠— less important than the clarity of your intention behind it.

To keep it potent, avoid lengthy exposure to direct sunlight, heat, body oils, sweat and makeup, all of which can alter turquoise’s color.

Cleanse it gently, with smoke, moonlight, or water.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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