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Christine Marie is an intuitive healer. She has studied Vedanta, one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy, and its associated healing branches — from yoga and Ayurveda to Vedic Palmistry — for two decades. Deeply connected to her intuition, she uses a blend of healing modalities to do readings of all aspects of people’s lives.

Born legally blind, Christine spent years feeling disconnected from her own physical beauty. She was bullied growing up and, not thinking of herself as a vessel worthy of attention and adornment, never spent much time on her outer appearance.

Several years into her studies of yoga and yogic philosophies, all of that shifted when she received a simple and profound practice from one of her teachers, a devotee of the Divine Mother Tripura Sundari. Tripura Sundari is a Hindu goddess who represents the divine persona that is alive in us when we nurture our body, mind, and heart. She enables us to be physically healthy and beautiful.

As a result of taking on this practice, Christine now lives in a body she loves. The cycle of self-hatred she had been stuck in has healed, freeing her to more freely share her gifts and recognize that all people have something unique that only they can offer.


“Before the birth of Abrahamic traditions, there was a knowing that all beings are connected in the biosphere. Just like our cells are all contained by our skin, the biosphere connects all things in the universe. This practice helps us remember that we can choose to walk with our mind and heart elevated in divine wisdom so that our body becomes the vessel — and even the manifestation — of creator on earth.

When we awaken to our own divinity we walk with compassion that is healing for all beings who encounter us. We walk in simple grace and humility and become an expression of divine love on earth.

If the concept of divinity doesn’t resonate with you, you can exchange divinity for uniqueness and being worthy of love. Regardless of your beliefs, this practice helps you connect with your higher self, your gifts, and your potential.


As soon as you wake up, before you open your eyes, put your hand on your heart and declare:

“I am divine. I choose to make choices today that align me to my best physical, mental and emotional health. Today I choose to worship the divinity in me.”

Then, put your feet on the floor and thank the earth for providing you with all you need for this day. Be open to receive even more from the earth than you are used to.

When you shower, visualize that you are showering a divine being. Try to use organic products if possible.

When you dress, adorn a divine being. You may notice that you choose your clothes with more care and gravitate toward jewelry or accessories.

When you eat, plate the food beautifully. Choose healthy food. Eat slowly and truly savor what you’re eating.

Living this way will ultimately shift what you choose to eat, wear, and say. You will start to naturally gravitate toward healthier choices. You will open yourself up to more love, support, and abundance. Old self hatred will begin to recede and you will love and accept yourself — and others — more.


For more on Christine Marie’s work and teachings visit her Facebook page. You can email her directly at info@alivewithchristine.com.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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