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Angela de la Agua, The Golden Oracle, lives in the Joshua Tree desert. A ceremonialist and spiritual teacher, she is, above all, a channel for the Divine Feminine. Known for her desert photography and high-vibrational work with food, she has expanded into offerings as a spiritual healer, oracle, and offers workshops on all things sacred, as well as custom rituals for potent passages. She leads new moon cacao ceremonies in the desert and is an original member of the west coast women’s gathering Spirit Weavers.

A full-time desert dweller, Angela has a deep reverence for the sun. By living in accordance with its daily rhythms — a practice she established after surrendering to the heat and sweat of her first desert summer — she has discovered an abundance of energy, creativity, and joy.

In honor of tomorrow’s Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day on which the Earth’s orbit brings the North Pole closest to the sun, we asked Angela to share her daily practice of Sungazing.


“Even before I discovered Sungazing as a practice, I would ritualize my witnessing of Sunrise and Sunset. Intuitively I felt the sacredness of these portals, and I felt the importance of aligning with these daily transitions. The energy of the Sun is of divine power, and there is no greater time to harness this energy than when the Sun is at its height on the Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice expands the energy of the Sun like no other time of year. It’s a time when we can awaken to our own individual radiance and the divine light that exists within each of us. The Summer Solstice Sun wants to remind each of us of the luminous golden light that we all carry within, every day of the year.

The energy of the Sun is of divine power, and there is no greater time to harness this energy than when the Sun is at its height on the Summer Solstice.

The single most effective way of physically connecting with the energy of the Sun is through the eyes. The ancient practice of Sungazing is used for receiving the healing benefits and power of the Sun.

If you’ve never practiced Sungazing, please follow the practice below exactly and do not gaze for longer than two minutes. Watching the sunrise is safe for everyone, but if you notice any discomfort stop immediately.

  • Before the Sun rises on the Summer Solstice, awaken and be ready to greet the Sun. (Check your local sunrise time here.)
  • Depending on your location, your visibility of the Sunrise may be blocked. You can still follow this practice once the Sun has become visible, but it must be within the first 45 minutes of the Sunrise to safely gaze at the Sun.
  • Ideally, you will be outside to greet the Sun, standing with your bare feet connected to the earth.
  • As you wait for the Sun to rise, take time to connect with your breath and enjoy the peace of the early morning. If others are joining you, honor the stillness of the morning by waiting in silence.
  • Once the Sun begins sparkling its first golden drops of light, watch and receive this luminous energy through your eyes. Gaze at the Sun with soft eyes, and blink as you naturally would. See the light of the Sun entering your body through your eyes. Breath deeply and relax fully into the experience.
  • You might want to set a timer for two minutes, or count off 120 seconds silently as you gaze.
  • After two minutes, close your eyes. Rub your hands vigorously together, creating a field of energy, and then cover your eyes with each palm. Visualize the golden Sun light moving through your body and see yourself radiating with the divine power of the Sun, keeping your eyes closed for one to two minutes. This helps to integrate the empowerment you’ve just experienced.
  • Give gratitude to the Sun for the gift of light and life that it gives you. Continue on with your day with the knowing you have just received a powerful blessing of divine light within your entire being.


One of the most important teachings I’ve received from the Sun is that you can still harness its energy even if it’s not visible. Its power is so tremendous that, with intention and practice, you may still align with it.  For more on this practice, I offer more insight here.

For more on Angela’s work and teachings visit her website and YouTube channel. Find her on Instagram @angeladelaagua

All images taken by Angela de la Agua.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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