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The cosmic forecast


Michael Nourse is Wildform’s in-house astrologer. Trained in the Vedic or, as he prefers, Yogic system, his unique approach to astrology grounds the cosmological science inside the neurological makeup composing our sensory experience of life. His readings are not your average horoscope experience. Read the first of his ongoing monthly reports for us here.

We live on a clock that most of us call the solar system. Our earth ticks along within a magnetic metric of time, space, and gravity. The yogis of India discovered that this clock connects our neurological circuitry to the larger electromagnetic grid of the skies: As within, so without; as above, so below. Astrology is a recognized science in India, birthplace of the zero and astronomy. In the West, not so much.

I call myself a clock watcher. Trained in the yogic sciences that originated in India, my job is to help people see the weather patterns in time. The kind of time I tell is often about skill sets, opportunities, and states of mind—fixed destiny meeting radical free will determined by the placement of planets in regions of our heavens (the zodiac) associated with our spines. These planet maps indicate how our subtle natures manifest most naturally.

My job is to help others map out the choices that will optimize their external lives with their internal natures. How is this possible? We each have a time stamp the moment our lungs connect us to the world through our breath. Armed with information about the larger clock ticking across our time stamps, we can enjoy a much smoother ride on that clock.

India maps time through the fixed star system, so the Vedic zodiac looks rather different than the more familiar Western one. Vedic astrology locates the Sun, Moon, and planets 23 degrees earlier than the Western world’s Tropical Zodiac. If your Sun sign is Taurus in the Tropical system, it will most likely be located in the Aries constellation in the Vedic system.

Western horoscopes generally use the Sun for delivering information to their readers en masse, but the Sun is only the center of the clock. The Moon is another important time piece, modulating gravitational rhythms and lunar cycles of all kinds that correlate to our psychological state individually. The moon impacts how we reflect on or “narrate” the life around us.

In addition to the Sun and the Moon, there are five primary planets associated with key epicenters located in our spine: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. We do not consider Uranus nor Neptune often because most human beings will not live the duration it takes for those planets to make a full orbit around the zodiac constellation. There are two shadow planets to consider as well. Known as Rahu and Ketu, they are an axis that causes solar and lunar eclipses when the earth, sun, and moon, align in their path.

If it all seems a bit daunting (and yes, I know that hearing you’re a Libra when you feel hardwired for Scorpio can feel disorienting), think of reading a Vedic star map like getting dressed for a night out. In addition to considering your hair (the Sun, let’s say), you’re also going to consider your makeup, clothes, accessories, and shoes (love shoes!). Beauty is rarely an isolated event. The total picture applies, and that is true in astrology, too. Nothing in this universe operates alone; asteroids that crash here create ripples over there. To reference a meme I quite love: “Eventually, everything connects.”

In fact, there are real parallels between astrology and getting dressed for a weather system. Just like you wouldn’t wear shorts and a crop top in winter (or maybe ever on the crop top, just saying), you wouldn’t start a new venture when Mercury is retrograde, a time when we’re better off being more introspective than decisive in our lives—sweater season, if you will.

As an unusual if integral part of Wildform from its beginning, helping Cesar and Caroline optimize their own clocks, and weighing in on things like when to launch this very blog (April 18), I’m honored to bring the stars down to eye level for all of you through these posts. So, with no further ado, let’s get woke.

Hey, baby, what’s your Vedic sign? Check out our handy guide.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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