The cosmic forecast: april & May 2019


Every month we get the cosmic lowdown from Michael Nourse, Wildform’s in-house astrologer. This month he explains why March’s Mercury retrograde was such a drag and what’s ahead for our collective sexual centers. Hold on to your rockets.

Back in March, the Spring Equinox on the 20th fell during a full Virgo Moon. Equinoxes are equivalence. They occur when the Sun aligns with the equator before continuing its ascent northward, causing the day and night to be equal in length.

A full moon on an equinox is a real point of order, meaning the two rarely occur together. There is a lot to think about come springtime 2019.

Allow me to translate.

The Moon is associated with our left brain. It narrates our sensory experience and essentially tells us stories, made-up or observed, about life. The fastest moving planetary-type body in the sky, the Moon represents the psycho-logic function of our psyches. I separate “psycho” from “logic” to emphasize that our logic can often be a bit “psycho,” composed as it is by our baseline likes and dislikes.

When a full moon falls on an important astronomical event like an equinox it has significant relevance to the larger cycle. It sets a tone, so to speak.

Virgo is the constellation associated with the listening function of our expressive natures.

When the Moon is full in Virgo, as it was on the Spring Equinox, our psyches are in a state of deep listening. Virgo is “ruled” by Mercury, a planet that was in retrograde during the equinox; when Mercury is retrograde we are in a deep state of listening to ourselves.

Hopefully, we are listening deep within ourselves for something beyond material happiness and gain.

Mercury is the planet associated with the neurological epicenter (or chakra) in our throats. It manages our ability to express ourselves and to listen; it helps us make value assessments (good / bad, right / wrong, pretty / ugly), and organize our thoughts into a regimen or map for better living.

In other words, Mercury is an imperative element to our basic functioning. I call it the Alchemist. Its nature is to sustain and protect, a very real and true purpose of communication: Imagine not being able to tell anyone your basic needs or wants or to hear the needs and wants of others!

When Mercury retrogrades, these tools of listening and communicating turn inward. Our thinking becomes more reflective and our self-interest escalates. It’s not so much that machines break down and travel and contracts become randomly difficult. It’s more that humans, in general, are not easily focused on external demands. We get lost in daydreams, scheming, reminiscing, and future think. We strain against nature to understand our fellow man. A kind of disproportionate myopia sets in.

So on the Spring Equinox’s Full Moon we were very much internalized, almost imprisoned inside our personal experience.

A bit of context: For three years, from January 2016 to late March 2019, the collective world mind has been troubled by Rahu and Ketu, the unseen axis that creates solar and lunar eclipses.

Due to tricky collaborations with Jupiter (expansion) and Venus (desire), this produced a veritable insanity in the world mind, torching first our ability to assimilate information properly (starting January 2016), a period that produced Brexit, an alarmingly divisive US Presidential election, and an outcry for nationalism and isolationism across the world stage— and then, starting September 2017, affecting our left brains, where we attempt to make sense of our sensory input. Collectively, this fever pitch of divisiveness and outrage reached pyrotechnic levels by the Spring Equinox. I cannot recall a more intense time in our public awakening since 9/11.

Fortunately, this very difficult time begins clearing in April.

So while Spring begins for all of us with a kind of star-induced insanity that forces an extreme fixation on our sense of personal happiness and safety, it was also punctuated by a Full Virgo Moon (listening) and Mercury Retrograde (self-reflection), pointing us towards the tools we most need to walk ourselves back from all our crazy-making stories.

By late March, Rahu and Ketu—mythologized as an ambitious serpent hoping to eat the Sun or Moon from the sky—moved into Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively. Gemini, also ruled by Mercury, is the proactive aspect of our expressive throat center, and Rahu is much happier here. It triggers speaking, expression, and reasoning. This was when the Mueller Report finally dropped, offering insight and evaluation into our present legal and democratic systems, if nothing else. Mindful curiosity and calm, rational thinking are best.

Gemini is what I call a woke state region for Rahu. When Rahu is here we excel in areas of thinking, inventing, and speaking, essentially all forms of expression and artistry. For the next year and half, expect fascinating advancements in all areas of thought, technology, market ambitions, and the arts, including beauty, fashion, and architecture.

At the same instant, Ketu, the tail of the snake, connects with Saturn in the body’s sexual center, intensifying dialogues that Saturn started in October 2017 about new social orders, sexual equality, and the dispersion of labels and stereotyping that undermines complexity (#MeToo and Time’s Up are perfect examples).

Saturn matures whatever it touches regardless of comfort. Ketu champions humility and compassion. The sexual center becomes ever more involved with evolution, social law, and money as a tool for progress when the two meet here. Count on the next year and a half being intent on defining some very new directions for the public in these areas of conversation, and some as a result of some radical challenges, both manmade and natural.

I do hope we show up for it.

As Mars (action as antagonist) aspects this Saturn-Ketu combo, considerable past karmas become inflamed in our lives pushing our bodies, minds, and natures to fully release them. Inflammation of karmas can look like anything from a past lover resurfacing to a cranky knee joint to a weird flu on vacation to a lucky hand in Vegas testing you to cash out. More to discuss in May and June as Mars advances

On April 14/15, the Sun drove into Aries (its super happy place) for a month, restoring legit balance and sobriety to our sense of personal accountability and choice. It will remain here until May 15. The Sun is the center of our clock and wherever it sits provides a focus to the area that our neurology is most engaged in at that time.

The Aries constellation coordinates with our gut region, where we choose and digest what we eat. We truly are what we eat. Our entire world is an act of lifestyle consumption—from news sources and hair products to vacation spots and employment options. The Sun is king in Aries, and for the rest of it’s time here we have a very real invitation to both rebuild and rebrand our lives with new choices on the heels of one of the more difficult times in astrological and human history that I’ve personally witnessed.

We are not out of the woods yet.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of our sexual and evolution center, has drifted into a sinkhole in the sky for a few months now, destabilizing forward motion at a time when stability would be really helpful. But when the Sun (sensory experience) drives into Aries (choice), and Rahu (ambition) drives into Gemini (discernment), and when Saturn (maturity) connects with Ketu (humility), we might actually have our first real shot to get our shit together as a human family once again.

It won’t be easy, but all the elements are writ large in the landscape to get woke on new life in some really big ways finally. In my view, that makes for a happy spring to birdsong about.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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