Every month we get the cosmic lowdown from Michael Nourse, Wildform’s in-house astrologer. With Gemini energy flooding the cosmos this month, expect lessons in listening and language. What are you hearing and what are you speaking into existence? As always, proceed with eyes—and ears—wide open.

This year, Gemini season is a master class on communication, a study of the mechanics of language that affect real change everywhere in our lives. This month, think of language as precision-based diplomacy, which is not just for politicians; diplomacy is the ability to say things in ways that others can hear. Language is a strategic game of complex discernment and listening skills, and we don’t just listen with our ears. All of our senses are hearing devices⁠—including our intuition. Intuition will also be under reconstruction at this time.

Gemini is poorly translated in Western Astrology as “the twins.” Gemini is, in fact, a binary constellation—binary meaning polar opposites. In the Yogic system, this constellation is depicted as a woman and a man. It represents the opposites and nuances of navigating the worlds of duality (right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, etc.) as adjudicated by the intellect (Mercury).

Gemini is the birthplace of the need for language. Language is an immune system of sorts. It provides us opportunities to communicate with our world. And we communicate in many ways: words, gestures, expressions, even our energetic fields emit information that may be communicated with and trafficked in once we learn how to perceive and control them.

Language exists as six pillars: how I speak to myself, how I speak about myself, how I speak to others, how I speak about others, how I perceive information, and how I deliver information. Make no mistake, language is a delivery system. It has an effect that often elicits a response. In Ayurveda, we say that everything can be a medicine and everything can be a poison. This is very true of words. Words can heal and words can harm, and this Gemini season, those properties of language will be front and center in our world.

Be very mindful of what and how say you things. Are you building or burning bridges? Are you constructing communication or fomenting resentments? Are you a social architect or a social disruptor? While both have their place, the effects of conversation may last a lifetime. And it’s easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar.

This Gemini season will be hosting a solar eclipse that will prove to be epic in the two human expression areas: verbal / intellectual and sexual / evolutionary. We can expect to be a bit cock-blocked in each area as circumstances and consequences work themselves out for cleaner, smarter personal development. Be aware that you can exacerbate a difficult situation through insistence on lust, anger, or unrefined expressions of base wants or needs.

Seek love, f**k blame, and own your part in everything that is both right and wrong in your world.

Think of these two eclipses—there is a partial lunar eclipse on the horizon, as well—as a test of sorts, a nuanced exam of where each of us is playing from in our hearts: for compassion, peace, and harmony, or for fear, conflict, and single-minded self-interest. I’ve seen some tremendous damage done inside relationships when people express their “woke” states that proved, in hindsight, to be far from woke.

Discernment is a key feature of higher cognitive functioning; the ability to identify elements of diplomacy (interpersonal statecraft), delicacy of choices and resulting consequence (karma), and a preference for harmony over contention. These are the realms we are driving at this time. And it’s rare to see Gemini be this intense. Consider that a nudge from me, an avid clockwatcher. June 15 – July 15 is a key area in our evolutionary grid, more than most. These are fuses of sorts to light a fire under our butts or to destroy things we’ve spent a lifetime (or lifetimes) building. PAY ATTENTION! USE YOUR BRAIN! THINK!

Our intellects are what commit us to laws, to compassion, and to consideration of others, but we often cannot see the deeper motives moving our desires. Without self-scrutiny the landscapes of the heart become a wild west shit show, shooting off at the mouth, assaulting the world with our angst and our edge, sabotaging our long term happiness for the instant feel-good.

Self-scrutiny—or mindfulness—is everything in the world of human relating. It is the immune system of the mind. As my beloved Satgurunath Siddhanath loves to say, “Mind your own business of minding your own mind.” There is plenty of garbage to sort there before we start in on anyone else. Seek love, f**k blame, and own your part in everything that is both right and wrong in your world. Rest assured, it is your choices meeting your ability (or lack of) for self-scrutiny that have created the circumstances in which you now live. If you’re happy, good job! If you’re not, think again and make better choices next time. Do-overs are plentiful at this binary time.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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