the cosmic forecast: May & JUNE 2019


Every month we get the cosmic lowdown from Michael Nourse, Wildform’s in-house astrologer. This month there’s a prize fight between two of the galaxy’s most no-nonsense planets, Saturn and Mars. Pull up a front row seat for some karmic knockdowns.

The Sun Month of Taurus (May 14/15 — June 14) begins with a considerable power check between the two heavyweights in the sky above us: Mars, planet of choice and action, opposes Saturn, planet of sober truth and maturity. And they do this alongside the axis that creates Lunar and Solar eclipses known in the East as Rahu and Ketu. This is a profound and sacred tension that terrifies many astrologers, but I have come to virtually worship the Mars-Saturn combinations.

You see, action only makes sense with maturity and truth-telling behind it. Anything short of that is folly. Yes, it’s stoopid good fun to be spontaneous and wild like children (and, in the world of astrology, we are children until our Saturn Return at age 29 leads us into adulthood at 30), and I most certainly trust the cogs of the astroclock to spin us all into position for our highest wokeness — BUT — and it’s a big but — we can get woke fastest by getting real with ourselves about action. And this May and June will be a master class on it.

When Mars and Saturn “affect” each other, it’s a showdown to be certain. Mars seeks to act, to choose. Saturn demands wisdom and a ground game confidence. Both planets are saying that right now we need to be mindful of the words we speak, the money we spend, the people we bed, and the uncertainty that underwrites everything in general.

When the Sun enters Taurus, it activates our need to feel loved and appreciated, and it wants things to be steady. That last part is not gonna happen too easily at this time. There are going to be some side swipes and pimp slaps this May and early summer. Some will be sexual, some will be financial, some will be people letting loose on each other, and a lot of it will feel karmic, meaning shit being getting paid out and paid back. As my satguru loves to remind our ashram, the best way to accept karma is with gratitude and happiness that it will be behind us soon enough.

How soon? Depends on what mindfulness we apply to our actions. Consequences are the minions of karma, and they are set in motion by actions. Even inaction creates consequences. So let’s get steady on the fact of that at this time, and Saturn will most definitely reward us.

The good news is the world psyche (the Moon) is waxing strong when Sun enters Taurus, and the Sun itself provides a clear light on the listening nature of the Virgo Moon it shines on. This means that if we lean into our hearts and pay attention to our circumstances, we will know the path to take accordingly. It may be disappointing (I def wanted that dope new apartment), but caution is wise at this juncture. The planets, as larger parts of a precision-based system, absolutely know more than we do, especially this month.

To quote my satguru again, “The ONLY sin is the failure to have paid enough attention.” When we pay attention, “bad” things don’t need to happen; at the very least, they can be more fluidly mitigated.

Venus and Mercury are behind the Sun in Aries at this time, and they are very clearly telling us that we need to be willing to sacrifice some luxuries and some playtime. This is a time for digging in and making seemingly-impossible things happen. It’s a test of our resolve, really. Saturn is asking us to prove ourselves and to prove that we want what we say we want by working for it. Very few of us will get windfalls in this time period. We’re more likely to get major challenges to show up for — so show up for them! It’s really in your best interest at this time to prove yourself to the planet Saturn. Understand the scope of his demands: discipline, hard work, perseverance, humility, fact-checking, and truth-telling.

As my dearly departed friend Rusty used to say, “Honey, why be mean when the truth is ALWAYS meaner?” Saturn and Mars are gonna get meaner with the truth for most of us. We are going to realize some heavy things about ourselves both personally and collectively. We’re going to wonder, “How the F*$% will I work this?” And the answer is, “BY WORKING IT.” Get on it. Get honest. And get comfortable that it’s for our benefit, both personally and collectively.

As César so beautifully reminds us, please be mindful about what we speak into the world because we really do speak our existence into being. More on that in the Gemini Sun post, coming June 15. Get ready. It’s game-changing.

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

free your mind and your hair will follow

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